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IQVet is the international project implement by Dom Szkoleń i Doradztwa which aim is to create an ICT tool named PeLe working in the mobile technology systems. The PeLe is supporting the evaluation process of the trainings and courses based on 4 level Kircpatrick evaluation methodology. International partnership from Norway, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Poland is working on developing the PeLe tool. PeLe allows you to get an immediate assessment of training /courses by the use of immediate feedback offered towards the course. Supporting the interactive learning activity on one hand and giving possibility to the teacher to modify the course in the real time in order to suit it better to the students' needs on the other. The tool is increasing the class communication, interaction and collaboration processes. That may enhance effective peer learning where students learn from their peers which increase the attractiveness of the trainings and influence on boosting the learning as well as teaching processes. Using the PeLe tool has a direct influence on rising students/training participants self-motivation factors in learning processes. The project is realized in 2012-2014 and coofinanced by the EU funds within the Lifelong Program Leonardo da Vinci.

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