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Dom Szkoleń i Doradztwa (House of Training and Consultancy) is currently looking for partners for a project which main objective will be to create a mobile application for exchanging information and experience, sharing knowledge and building communities of mutual support for parents and families of children with different problems and special needs.


Mobile and Social learning application for families with special needs, 2016


We are looking for partners who would like to participate in the project and get involved in the project work. For the project, we mainly look for foundations, associations or any NGOs associated with topics connected to chronic diseases (autism, diabetes, obesity and other) and working in the field of supporting such families; organizations promoting better awareness of healthy eating and nutrition, natural medicine, etc. We are also open to collaborate with organizations which have experience in social learning and teaching /learning by using mobile applications.


Partners' tasks of the pre-project work will include:

- Analyzing the needs of the target group

- Conducting analysis of available mobile tools, applications


Parntenr's tasks during the project will include:

- Testing the application by the organization's employees and representatives of the target         group

- Organizing workshops regarding the use of the application

- Reporting suggestions made by the representatives of the target group

- Promoting the application among the target group

- Participating in the creation of social learning methodology for mobile applications



If you are interested, please contact us via email: or

our website:


The annoucement is valid until: 15 december 2015.



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